100% electric Hummer EV: 1,000 pure horsepower

100% electric Hummer EV: 1,000 pure horsepower
100% electric Hummer EV: 1,000 pure horsepower

It’s official. General Motors has regained its Hummer brand to introduce the new Hummer EV. An all-electric pickup with no less than 1,000 horsepower. During the Super Bowl 2020 intermission, this monstrous machine has been officially presented, with LeBron James at the head, narrating the qualities of this new 100% electric vehicle manufactured by General Motors.

The legendary vehicle manufacturer has resurrected the Hummer in the form of a 100% electric vehicle. However, there are not many details known about its appearance so far. In the official images of General Motors they only show the front part denoting some characteristic features of the electric cars. For example, we see a front LED bar illuminated in blue tones, which lets you see the name ‘HUMMER’ in the background. You can also see the grille on the front and the General Motors (GMC) logo on the side.

This is the announcement that General Motors has issued about this at Super Bowl 2020:

Hummer EV: Gross power in a Hummer that is now (who would believe it) silent

Quiet Revolution‘ is the title that General Motors has chosen to present the new Hummer EV, referring to the absence of noise from the electric motor with respect to a combustion engine. In a series of different short videos over the last few hours the company has shown some of the car’s characteristics by silencing the audio to carry out a comparison between its old vehicles and the new 100% electric version.

General Motos has released a second “behind the scenes” video with LeBron James:

But what are the new features of this amazing machine? Mainly the ones we already knew:

  • All electric. The vehicle will operate on 100% electric power, therefore it will have zero emissions.
  • 1,000 horsepower. Representing 745 kilowatts of power.
  • 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds. Or what is the same, 0 to 60 miles in 3 seconds. The final size and weight of this vehicle remains to be seen to put this acceleration into context. As a comparison, Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck, for example, manages to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3 seconds in its Tri Motor variant alone.
  • 15,590 Nm of torque. According to GMC estimates.

The big question here is still the battery, autonomy and number of hours of charge of this Hummer EV.

Cruise Origin is now official, the autonomous car of General Motors without steering wheel and controls
Cruise Origin is now official, the autonomous car of General Motors without steering wheel and controls

General Motors has not provided any information about what capacity the battery will have (and consequently its autonomy), what will be the configuration of the engines or the charging time of this car. Being an off-road/pickup/SUV it will most likely have at least two electric motors, one on the front axle and one on the rear axle.

The price has not been disclosed, but we already anticipate that it will not be a car that everyone can buy. Considering Hummer’s history as a premium brand and being the first electric one they make, the price will probably be higher than most electric pickups already on the market.

The new Hummer will be built at General Motors’ Detroit-Hamtramck plant in Michigan, United States, and the company has announced that it will be available starting in the fall of 2021. However, we will have a full presentation of the Hummer EV on May 20, where we expect GMC to provide many more details about its new creation.

The electric revolution has arrived and it has come to stay, and the big brands, the big cars, know it, and little by little they begin to show each one of their best cards in this game that, finally, will help to free the planet from the pollution generated by the internal combustion vehicles.



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