Amazon prepares a new Amazing payment method by scanning your hands

Amazon prepares a new payment method by scanning your hands
Amazon prepares a new payment method by scanning your hands

Payment methods in the digital age are becoming more and more diverse. Cash loses followers, credit cards are already standard in many countries, QR and facial recognition in the east they are still on the rise and there are even systems like Amazon Go where you can buy and go “without paying”. Indeed Amazon has a new idea for paying in stores: using biometric identification through the palm of the hand.

To reports the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is developing its new payment system to match the palms with users’ credit cards. The idea is to do this System that can be used in different branches of the company (Whole Foods supermarkets for example) and also from third parties You want to implement that.

The idea would be to convert the palm of the hand into the buyer’s credit card. Before the first payment is made, the credit card is linked to the palm of your hand. Once that initial review has been done, you would simply have to Place your hand on the scanner whenever you want to pay in a store that accepts the Amazon payment system.

In addition to the WSJ report, there are also some Amazon patent in which a biometical identification system with hand scanner, This gives you an image of the user’s palm, which is basically unique and exclusive for everyone. It hardly differs from what fingerprint recognition systems on smartphones have been doing for years.

Amazon patent showing a palm recognition system using biometric identification
Amazon patent showing a palm recognition system using biometric identification

Visa will be one of the first partners from Amazon in this payment system if the sources are correct. It is also alleged that other financial systems like MasterCard and some other local ones in the US like JPMorgan Chase or Wells Fargo could be added to the project.

Pay with voice, face or hands

In addition to this hand scan, Amazon has several projects to make faster payments (or at least with less friction for the user) as credit cards or cash. The clearest example we have Amazon Go who have favourited Shops Where the user buys and leaves without a cash register. Here the trick is in the dozens of cameras and sensors in the store to see all the products the user is taking, and in particular who the user is.

However, expanding these stores is not easy and even less so implementing this system of detecting people and objects in any store. That’s why ideas like this method of payment by hand scanning or the idea of using voice as an identification system (with all the experience Amazon has in this field thanks to Alexa) arise. Different payment methods can be combined within Amazon Pay, the company’s own alternative to PayPal.

The problem of This type of payment is that they are not impregnable (as in biometric systems in smartphones) and there is no way to guarantee your security 100%. Therefore, not only do you have to gain the trust of users in these new Amazon payment systems, but also beforehand the trust of the stores in which they are to be introduced and of financial service providers such as Visa or Mastercard.


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