Apple has acquired 21 AI startups in the past 10 years

Apple has acquired 21 AI startups in the past 10 years
Apple has acquired 21 AI startups in the past 10 years

Apple regularly buys startups every few weeks, according to Tim Cook. Although not all of them get to know each other publicly, the company usually states how many they bought in a given year. For the past ten years Apple has acquired 21 artificial intelligence startups, Which is not surprising when we consider the great importance of this company today.

All of the artificial intelligence companies that Apple has acquired over the past 10 years

Name Date Field Description
1. Siri April 2010 Virtual assistant App launched on iOS, which became the foundation of Apple’s virtual assistant
Second Polar rose September 2010 face recognition It is believed that its technology of Swedish origin has been incorporated into photos to recognize people
Third Cue October 2013 Virtual assistant Virtual assistant purchased to extend Siri’s events and notifications capabilities
4th PrimeSense November 2013 face recognition One of the first acquisitions based on what Face ID became years later
5th Novauris Technologies April 2014 Virtual assistant Companies using speech recognition technology to reinforce Siri
6th Metaio May 2015 Augmented reality A German augmented reality tool development company for other companies
7th VocalIQ September 2015 Virtual assistant A voice interface platform that other companies can use to integrate their apps and services
8th. Perceptio September 2015 Machine learning The main technology made it possible to analyze photos thoroughly without resorting to the cloud
9th FaceShift November 2015 face recognition A tool that records facial movements in real time and is used in Animoji and Face ID
10th Emotient January 2016 face recognition Similar to Faceshift and applied to both Face ID and Animoji
11th Flyby Media January 2016 Augmented reality In the past, he worked with Google on his augmented reality efforts. It is able to recognize the surroundings of a device
12th Turi August 2016 Machine learning Its tools enable developers to integrate scalable machine learning functions that are perfect for Xcode
13th Tuplejump September 2016 Machine learning Allows large quantities to be managed using machine learning and analysis
14th RealFace February 2017 face recognition Its technology is of Israeli origin and makes it possible to learn the facial expressions of a subject
15th Lattice data May 2017 Artificial intelligence Specializing in handling “dark data” to make it structured and useful
16th Regaind September 2017 Computer vision It enables the content of the photos to be analyzed from a technical and aesthetic point of view without needing the cloud
17th Init ai October 2017 Virtual assistant An intelligent assistant that helps with automatic customer interactions via instant messaging
18th Silk labs November 2018 Machine learning A startup with a focus on machine learning for video surveillance on devices in households and buildings
19th Laserlike March 2019 Machine learning A platform for personalizing, discovering and searching web content
20th Drive ai June 2019 Autonomous driving The company, which focuses on autonomous driving, was founded in 2015 by researchers from Stanford University
21st January 2020 Artificial intelligence The technology was used by a video surveillance company, although it is believed to be used in Siri

From Siri to Face ID, through ARKit and Project Titan

Many companies together to develop all the Apple technology
Many companies together to develop all the Apple technology

We have to keep in mind that this is the list of companies that Apple has acquired related to artificial intelligence whose purchase has come to light. It is very possible that other acquisitions have gone unnoticed by the media. Their integration with an Apple feature or product is completely unknown unless the company announces it.

Having said that, it is interesting to see what the various acquisitions made by Apple do and how they may have affected the development of its technologies. The case of Siri is the most obvious, where we have several of them expanding or reinforcing certain functions of the virtual assistant.

However, other takeover designs were created before Apple launched. It is the case of many those related to Face ID, launched on the iPhone X in 2017, but acquired in 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017. PrimeSense, Faceshift, Emotient and RealFace were purchased during these years.

ARKit is another Apple technology that has benefited significantly from acquisitions. Metaio in 2015 and Flyby Media in 2016 were a prelude to what would come with ARKit in June 2017, a few months before iPhone X starts.

The real reason Apple would have acquired would be to improve Siri
The real reason Apple would have acquired would be to improve Siri

We haven’t received any news from Its autonomous driving technique that is clearly related to the Titan project: The Apple’s autonomous vehicle, Although of course we do not know whether it is ultimately a service or when it will leave. The acquisitions show a clear pattern of several previous purchases before the start. With we only have one, which means that there are still several years until you see something concrete with your technology.



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