Books that inspire us: ‘Liquids’ by Mark Miodownik

Books that inspire us: ‘Liquids’ by Mark Miodownik
Books that inspire us: ‘Liquids’ by Mark Miodownik

Solid, liquid or gaseous objects are fundamentally the same thing. They only differ in the behavior of the molecules that make them up. However, liquids have a special character: they can be sweet, bitter to the palate, feed us, kill us in a few seconds, and they can even slowly slip through all the cracks in our house.

Using an elementary but effective storytelling (the author’s day taking a plane and paying attention to all the details that accompany him from the airport to the arrival at his destination), Mark Miodownik focuses his attention on all the liquids that surround us, from the kerosene that propels the plane to the alcohol that he asks the stewardess to drink.


The only difference between solids, gases and liquids, is in the movement of the molecules. The molecules of a solid have fixed positions and can hardly move. Those of liquids still touch and rub together, but they have more freedom of movement. The molecules of gases are completely wild and rarely rub against each other.

But liquids are particularly interesting and beautiful in our daily lives. And if this is not the case, then that is exactly what Mark Miodownik has created in his recent book “Liquid: The Delightful and Dangerous Substances That Flow Through Our Lives“.

The Mission Parker Solar Probe sends us audio with the sound of the solar wind
The Mission Parker Solar Probe sends us audio with the sound of the solar wind

In this wonderful journey through the world of drops, heartbeats and sea waves, Miodownik gives life to everyday life and reveals why liquids can climb a tree and come down a hill, why oil is sticky, how waves can travel so far and how to make the perfect cup of tea.

In this masterpiece, we find the secret lives of substances that we all depend on but rarely understand: from water and glue to coffee and wine, Miodownik shows us how these liquids have always caused death and destruction as well as wonder and fascination.

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