China, one of the world’s largest consumers of plastics, will ban single-use plastics later this year

China, one of the world's largest consumers of plastics, will ban single-use plastics later this year
China, one of the world's largest consumers of plastics, will ban single-use plastics later this year

The plastic has become one of man’s greatest allies and one of his greatest enemies. Their presence in the environment can last for decades if they are not recycled, and this is exacerbated by disposable items that are used much less and fall into disuse sooner. There is so much plastic that it literally rains plastic. Reducing its use seems to be one of the only viable solutions.

Different measures have been taken in different regions of the world in recent years. the European Union, for example, will ban it the use of disposable tableware, cutlery and plastic cups for the next year. And now the largest manufacturer of these plastics and one of the largest consumers will apply a similar ban. China will ban the use of some single-use plastics this year and by 2025 it will suppress most.

Gradual elimination in the next few years

The Chinese government has announced a new plan to reduce plastic pollution across the country. It is a long-term plan that will come into force at the end of this year and will be set by 2025. A statement by the National Development and Reform Commission of China (NDRC) explains how the use and manufacture of a variety of disposable plastic products is discontinued in these years.

China is huge, as is the local government Proposed to cause this decrease in single-use plastic use by region and in stages, For example, industrialized areas and cities are needed more than rural areas where they have more time and flexibility to adapt to change. In any case, the first step will be taken at the end of this year when catering in the cities can no longer use plastic cutlery. Plastic straws, on the other hand, if they are not directly degradable, will come to an end nationwide this year.

Plastic garbage
Plastic garbage

It is expected that By the end of 2025, all standards will apply across the country, Until then, plastic bags can no longer be used, and even hotels can no longer dispose of single-use plastic products. The rules also include a ban on sending parcels and couriers in plastic wrap, for example.

China’s influence on the plastics industry

China produces almost a third part of the plastic products worldwide. It is the largest manufacturer of this type of product and we can also find it here some of the areas with the highest plastic consumption worldwide, After one World Economic Forum for Research The Yangtze is the river that transports most of the world’s plastics to the oceans.

Plastic is killing life
Plastic is killing life

Blaming China for all of this would be inappropriate. The majority of these plastics reach Western markets, On the other hand, until recently, a percentage of the plastic pollution in nature that China produced was caused by Western plastics. In 2018, China announced that it would no longer accept plastic waste from other countries for recycling, citing environmental problems for the country.


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