Elon Musk will launch the SpaceX ships from the high seas

Elon Musk will launch the SpaceX ships from the high seas
Elon Musk will launch the SpaceX ships from the high seas

Once again, Elon Musk began to send out on Twitter. The social network has become the favourite medium of the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla to comment on the technological advances of their companies and often offers very interesting data for future projects.

The latest one has jumped out thanks to the latest vacancies published by SpaceX. In particular, these are jobs for engineers in offshore operations, i.e. highly qualified technical personnel in maritime operations, such as those who have worked on offshore oil platforms.

In the same job offer, it is detailed that the personnel who will be joining will work as part of a team of engineers and technicians in the design and construction of an offshore rocket launch facility.

Elon Musk was quick to confirm the offer and provide further details about it. “SpaceX is building super-heavy floating spaceports for trips to Mars, the Moon and hypersonic journeys within the Earth,” said the company’s own CEO and newfound father.

Rocket launch with SpaceX satellites
Rocket launch with SpaceX satellites

Launch pads can be the final solution to spaceport availability problems. Currently there are not many such facilities on land so Musk saw the development of offshore platforms as a good idea and is already in the process of recruiting. If they manage to find a design that can withstand the weight of the rocket and the Starship, the price of construction will be notably lower than a comparable port on land; where the cost of building the base has to include the rent or purchase of the land.

In principle, these offshore platforms built by SpaceX will be exclusive to the launch of their own spacecraft. Not much more detail is known about whether or not NASA’s subcontracted flights will continue to use the spaceports on land.

Elon Musk adelanta la nueva Starship, la nave para colonizar Marte

Elon Musk previews the new Starship, the spacecraft to colonize Mars

Musk wants to establish an ‘air bridge’ between the Earth and the bases on Mars and the Moon. In the first of them he wants to place a million inhabitants in about three decades and in the second, along with other giants like Blue Origin or Boeing, to establish a stable moon base in which there will surely be Japanese avatar robots. It’s all very science fiction-like but it’s closer than we might think.

As one user answers, the use of boats to launch ships is not really new. There are already some oil platforms with launch capability and it seems that Elon Musk’s plan is going that way. The refurbishment of these sea-going vessels may be a good starting point and, moreover, more environmentally friendly than building from scratch. “More or less”, he answers when asked about that particular feature.

Houston, we have a problem: 50 years later
Houston, we have a problem: 50 years later

A user of the social network asked Musk directly about the forecasts for the first hypersonic land flight. “There will be many test flights before we start carrying passengers. The first test flights between points on Earth will begin in two or three years,” he concluded.

Hypersonic travel between Earth points is one of the most important bets of SpaceX. It promises cargo and people travel by linking large cities in just a few minutes. For example, the trip between London and Hong Kong would take about 34 minutes.


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