Hey Celia

Hey Celia
Hey Celia

Celia is the name of the latest surprise that Asian giant Huawei has decided to give to its new personalized voice assistant that will be available initially on its new P40 phone line.

One of Huawei’s biggest challenges with his new phones is convincing users that his software is up to par with his hardware.

Among the new features of EMUI 10.1 we have a new multi-screen system, file sharing tools and a brand new video calling application, but on top of all this there is the new Huawei smart assistant that, for the first time, has an easily recognizable and completely Latin name.

First Siri, then Alexa and now Celia

The features that Celia offers are very similar to what other assistants currently offer such as Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple, Assistant from Google or Bixby from Samsung. After all, Huawei is in the process of creating an ecosystem of services on a par with its biggest rivals.

To call and start Huawei’s assistant, just say “Hey Celia” or press and hold the off/on button for more than a second. Among the options that this assistant will allow us to do are such common tasks as answering information questions or showing the pending tasks that we have indicated to the phone.

One of the options that this new assistant allows is to improve productivity by setting alarms “Hey Celia, wake me up at eight”; sending texts “Hey Celia, send a message to Steve saying we’ll see you in 30 minutes” or consulting weather information “Hey Celia, what’s the weather like today?”.

Celia allows us to improve productivity by setting alarms
Celia allows us to improve productivity by setting alarms

With Celia we can also organize events in the phone book, make calls to a person on the contact list and count food calories through the mobile camera.

In addition to these tasks, Celia also has access to music and shopping. You can ask the voice assistant to play a particular song, as well as ask her to buy what’s on the screen. In the past, Huawei mobiles offered artificial intelligence to identify objects, but now with Celia we can activate this option by voice.

Celia will also have permission to activate some of the functions of the Huawei mobile system. This is the case of putting the phone in silence, asking it to play comedy series in compatible applications or to activate the comfort mode of the screen.

Finally, the Huawei assistant will also have access to Huawei’s artificial intelligence functions. Just as we could do before with the camera, with Celia we will be able to ask her to translate any text in front of us. We can also activate the camera to make selfies.

Instant translation by text recognition is another of Celia's features
Instant translation by text recognition is another of Celia’s features

Celia will not upload the voice identity to the cloud

As Huawei explains, “the voice identity is stored in a secure area on the device and will not be sent to the cloud. The company also explains that Celia has been certified with the European Privacy Seal for GDPR compliance.

Now Huawei is in control
Now Huawei is in control

Initially, the new Huawei assistant will be available to Huawei P40 users in the UK, France, Spain, Chile, Mexico and Colombia, available in three languages: English, French and Spanish and oh surprise not so surprise, the United States is not on Celia’s release list, at least for now.


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