More than half of the millennials fear seeing a big war

More than half of the millennials fear seeing a big war
More than half of the millennials fear seeing a big war

The International Committee of the Red Cross has just released a study on the impressions of millennials (approx. 20 to 35 years) on various aspects of potential armed and political conflicts worldwide. These young and not so young people are being eaten up by a pessimistic vision of the near future. Among other things, they fear the repetition of a Hirosima before 2030.

This is a study by Ipsos, which interviewed 16,000 test subjects of the so-called millennial generation and from 16 countries of different realities such as Afghanistan, Colombia, Israel, Palestine, Nigeria, Syria, Ukraine, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States and South Africa. That is, people from both countries who are at peace and in an armed conflict have been taken into account.

The conclusion is that 54% of them believe that “it is very likely that a nuclear attack will take place in the next decade”. Although 46% do not see it that way, another 47% believe that they will see World War III before they die. These are extremely pessimistic reactions.

Young and old: another study from 2018 conducted by the World Economic Forum with 1,000 world-class personalities (business people, politicians and experts) also concluded that nuclear war poses the greatest threat to global stability today, followed by cyberattacks and environmental disasters. The nuclear fear that seemed to have lost its punch in the past few decades is back.

WORLD WAR III LOL: If we go to the latest trends in Tiktok and Twitter, we find the trend “Recruitment for World War III”, thousands of young people in their room are joking with each other about everything they have to discover in life (mostly obviously related to sex) since the United States has a plan to attack Iran and develop the principle of the end of everything. These videos they are read almost like a scapegoat before this concern about the lack of control and security in the future of their lives.

‘The Witcher’ it will be an anime very soon
‘The Witcher’ it will be an anime very soon

But why this obsession? What is that agony? You can take a linear tour of the baby boomers to the Z generation by showing how the generations have become increasingly worrying, with higher rates of anxiety and depression. There are those who blame cell phones; Some people blame it for the pedagogical protection; some others talking about comparative complaint, (the boomers lived better than their parents, while the millennials and the Z generation were not so lucky); those who accuse the media which, by the structure of the information ecosystem, are increasingly instilling fear in a world that is becoming more secure.

The boomers lived better than their parents, while the millennials and the Z generation were not so lucky

The long peace: Because this is the reality, the world in the west is safer today than in any other historical period, there is every time fewer military personnel and fewer people die from armed conflict. According to analysts, these are no longer sexy to win anything in most countries. Own a piece of land It is no longer interesting as current it was 200 years ago. Fortunately the focus of the conflict has shifted to other political and economic areas.

Interestingly, there has not been a major world war for more than 50 years, and yet most of the millennials believe that some war will soon happen that will be much better for all of us if it never happens. As Albert Einstein said: “I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”.


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