Playing music with Microsoft Excel

Playing music with Microsoft Excel
Playing music with Microsoft Excel

Only this was missing, making music with Microsoft Excel. Yeah, just like you read it.

Dylan Tallchief is one of those special talents, and this YouTuber is widely known for sharing content related to electronic music. At the end of last year he became famous on the Internet by creating a drum machine with Microsoft Excel.

There are people who have the ability to make music from the most unlikely things, such as hacking a typewriter…

Or bringing a floppy drive orchestra to life…

and Tallchief is one of them.

Microsoft Excel music

Although the interface created by Tallchief is not the easiest to use, it is impressive to see that software such as Microsoft Excel can also be used to create music.

Tallchief has created a digital audio workstation (DAW) in Excel which it has named “xlStudio“. For those who are not familiar with creating music in digital environments, a DAW is a software interface that works a way of composing musical pieces through the use of samples and different Plug-Ins.

After showing its potential, Tallchief now allows us to download its creation, xlStudio (via Google Drive) for free in order to play with this tool within Excel. Additionally, it is possible to add several tools to this creation, and it also includes several editing options and it also serves to look-up fragments.

Microsoft Excel xlStudio interface
Microsoft Excel xlStudio interface

Although at first glance it seems like this is useless, in reality it is a fully functional DAW, where we can even play just one track or mute all the others we want.

There is also a shortcut to create chords in a very simple way (saving us from having to enter each note manually) or to modify the volume, octaves or tempo of each track.

Xbox Bounty and the Xbox bugs that make money
Xbox Bounty and the Xbox bugs that make money

While it doesn’t seem very possible that many people will use xlStudio to create music, what is really interesting about all this, is to see how the imagination when it comes out, breaks all barriers and limitations.



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