See how the Apple Watch ejects water from the interior in a super-slow motion


One of the most curious and useful functions of the Apple Watch is the one that allows you to expel the water that has accumulated inside it; although it is also the one we usually think about the least.

The Apple Watch has always been waterproof, but it wasn’t until the second generation that it was actually possible to submerge them, and use them while swimming or bathing. It’s one of the best things about it.

That’s because, while the watch itself is waterproof, there are parts that are outdoors, such as the built-in speakers and microphones. So, if you wet them, you may find that they sound bad or stop working.

The most curious feature of the Apple Watch

To solve this, Apple implemented the Water Mode, with the ‘Waterlock‘ function, which is able to expel water that accumulates in the speakers and the rest of the device. It is automatically activated when we turn off the Water Mode in our watch, or we can force it to run in the Control Center and click on ‘Waterlock’.

How the Apple Watch ejects the accumulated water
How the Apple Watch ejects the accumulated water

The water ejection works by causing the speaker to reproduce specific sounds, which cause vibrations that make the water ‘jump’ out of the device. Of course, we already knew all that, but how exactly does that work?

The water ejection from the Apple Watch, in super-slow motion

The Slo Mo Guys Youtube channel, as its name suggests, specializes in recording things in slow motion, and this time they have decided to show how the Apple Watch expels water to restore normal operation.

Of course, given the size of the Apple Watch, that wasn’t easy, and it took a macro lens that allowed us to clearly see the water drops and how they behave. In addition, the scene was recorded at 2,000 frames per second, about 80 times slower.

This has led to some interesting discoveries about water physics on that scale. For example, one problem Apple encountered when developing this functionality is that the vibration of the speaker can also cause droplets to re-enter the device.

Apple Watch and the Heart Month challenge
Apple Watch and the Heart Month challenge

To solve this, the vibrations stop just at the right time so that the water gets trapped in the grill, and they are activated again so that it can be expelled completely; something tells us that this pattern is not by chance, and that it has been studied, as well as the fact that there are ten such cycles.


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