Social networks: a universal sewer

Social networks: a universal sewer
Social networks: a universal sewer

Social networks were, at the time of their conception, great ideas whose main objective, in most cases, was to connect us human beings much more easily, so that we could (perhaps) exchange information and become more productive people with the ally of communication on our side.

However, human beings have always been known to ruin great ideas. What once had an almost altruistic beginning, in time became a telling sign of the decadence and degeneration of human beings.

Children addicted to social networks, a large-scale problem
Children addicted to social networks, a large-scale problem

You only have to take a look at any social network, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, etc., to realize what people usually share in those places.

Banality, pornography, sex, personal conflicts, political conflicts, absurd memes, wholesale stupidity, etc., are just a small sample of what can be found there.

Only rarely can something of value be found when surfing these dark and sordid places where human beings take advantage of the anonymity provided by the Internet to let the darkest things inside them come to light.

This is how the world of social networks works

If someone wants to succeed in social networks, the formula is very simple: post photos of naked women, or pornographic videos, or men with an erection, or videos of people doing stupid things, or memes, or become an expert in political discussions, etc., and you will easily have a million followers and each of your posts will have thousands of visits, comments and likes. If that is not the case (as it happens here in mediabloid), then there are no followers, no visits, no comments, no likes.

The worst of all this, is that every day, more and more children have access to these social networks and consequently, more and more quickly they are contaminated with all the garbage that is found in these virtual sites to which – whether we like it or not – one must go if one wants to make known whatever it is that one wants to make known.

Unfortunately, the person who is not on the social networks is someone who simply does not exist.

The influence of social networks is increasingly negative, especially on children. It shouldn’t be like that, but it is. Parents who should keep their children away from social networks and their harmful content, instead encourage them to buy their first smartphone when even the kids can’t talk.

It’s easier to keep a child stupefied behind a phone screen than to spend enough time educating them, and that’s quite understandable… it wasn’t the parents who were able to educate themselves, much less will it be the parents who are able to educate their own children.

There is great concern in many sectors of society about the control that social networks exert over people, and it is not for nothing. Networks such as Tik Tok, popularized the famous “challenges“, which consist of tests that, in many cases, due to their absurdity, have claimed the lives of many people – minors in their great majority –, who motivated by the possibility of achieving “a moment of fame”, simply do not measure the consequences and end up becoming one more dead in the rows of tombstones in the cemeteries.

And that is just one example, which is certainly not the most serious example of all. All sorts of decadent specimens of society land on social networks. Sexual predators, paedophiles, abusers, rapists, muggers, murderers, drug addicts, drug dealers, prostitutes, etc., all have a place in social networks, which have not the slightest option of being able to control the invasion of these characters and, therefore, of protecting society, especially the most vulnerable, from the actions of these kinds of people from whom little or nothing good can ever be expected.

In the same way, social networks have been the perfect scenario for those people who could not get ahead thanks to their skills, do it in exchange for selling their body and their intimacy.

Don’t let the cybercriminals know
Don’t let the cybercriminals know

From teenage men, women, heterosexuals, homosexuals, transsexuals, undefined, etc., who sell their bodies with the help of their phone or laptop cameras, the networks are bursting at the seams and although there are cases such as Facebook and Instagram, which are relatively strict on the subject of pornography and in some ways help to control this problem a little, they completely lose the battle when it comes to providing criminals with all kinds of information about the thousands of victims who appear on their networks, showing the whole world how well life treats them.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the addiction caused by social networks, leading to despair and suicide for hundreds of people every year, once again, the vast majority of them minors, who cannot conceive of living life when their parents try to take away their access to an illness they themselves cause from the moment they allow their children to have control of a mobile phone.

In short, no one knows for sure if there is a solution to this problem. Perhaps the only solution is that one day social networks will disappear, which is completely unlikely, given that the owners of these companies would never give up the life of luxury and splendour that they manage to live when they develop one of these social platforms.

And what about the future? Completely uncertain.


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