SpaceX successfully tests its astronaut emergency ejection system moments before Falcon 9 explodes

SpaceX successfully tests its astronaut emergency ejection system moments before Falcon 9 explodes
SpaceX successfully tests its astronaut emergency ejection system moments before Falcon 9 explodes

The last SpaceX missile that has flown in the past few hours exploded and crashed in less than two minutes. However, this was not due to a SpaceX error, but was rather intentional. The space company wanted Test the astronaut emergency safety systems and for such it was necessary to sacrifice an entire rocket.

For SpaceX, it was a crucial mission to transport NASA astronauts or other units in the future. The Falcon 9 used was accompanied by the Crew Dragon capsule in which astronauts travel. Astronauts who were not in the capsule this time must first be checked (among other things) the effectiveness of the expulsion system in the event of an accident,

The ejection system was intentionally carried out just ninety seconds after the Falcon 9 was launched. Use the Crew Dragon capsule’s SpaceX in-flight abort system it separated from the Falcon 9 in a matter of seconds, just before the useful life has expired. With the amount of fuel inside the Falcon 9, it was inevitable that it would be completely destroyed and cause a major explosion in the air. You can watch the video of the entire mission. The start starts in minute 18

“Overall, it was a perfect mission.”

Elon Musk, CEO of the company, said: “In general, it was a perfect mission.” And even though the Falcon 9 exploded, that’s exactly what they were looking for to test the effectiveness of the astronaut’s ejection system. What he has achieved is this system of separating the Crew Dragon from the missile. As soon as the capsule is activated, it switches on Eight Super Draco engines that let you take off the rocket quickly,

The Super Draco forwarded the Dragon Crew Almost a kilometer away in 7.5 seconds, This enormous acceleration creates a gravitational force of 4 G on the astronauts inside. In return, they are saved from the explosion. As soon as the crew kite moves away from the missile, it opens its four parachutes, which allow it to slowly descend and fall into the ocean (this time in the Atlantic). Then a rescue team must rescue the crew kite, or rather the astronauts inside.

Pre-tests before placing astronauts in SpaceX ships

It is not the first time that SpaceX demonstrates how the Dragon crew can carry people inside, It is already in 2015 He made a first mission Test in which the launch was safely canceled shortly before the rocket launch. The separation of the Crew Dragon has already been tested to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Super Draco engines on floor separations, Finally, the test carried out by SpaceX last year, in which we saw the Crew Dragon separate from Falcon 9 in orbit to dock and land at the International Space Station then return to Earth.

All of these tests were necessary to demonstrate the safety and proper functioning of missiles and caps from SpaceX, if they want to transport people inside and therefore work for NASA and other organizations or companies. Something, that should start later this year.

Finally, it should be noted that although it has been “a perfect mission” for Elon Musk, the state of the Crew Dragon and its interior once recovered from the ocean remain to be checked. If it is confirmed that the data in the telemetry does not show any error then it will have been a perfect mission.


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