The political side of the ‘Beastie Boys’

The political side of the Beastie Boys
The political side of the Beastie Boys

Apple TV+ is always on the move, and this week starts with a new series and a documentary about the Beastie Boys, as well as some other news related to Apple’s signing, to continue improving its video streaming platform.

The ‘Beastie Boys Story’

In the last few days, Apple shared a new video teaser for its next documentary “Beastie Boys Story“, which will be on Apple TV + on April 24th. According to Apple, Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz, the founders of the legendary band, share the history of their group and their 40 years of friendship, in a live documentary directed by their friend and collaborator, Spike Jonze.

“Beastie Boys Story” is described as a live documentary experience, which focuses on the history and legacy of the band, and is based on the “Beastie Boys Book“, published in October 2018, where Horovitz and Diamond are introduced discussing their long friendship, their musical career, and their relationship with fame.

A political documentary: “Boys State”

Beastie Boys Story
Beastie Boys Story

In addition, the apple company recently acquired the rights to the documentary ‘Boys State‘, a work that was officially presented at the Sundance Film Festival, and which tells a story of political maturity that examines the state of health of American democracy, of which many Americans are so proud.

According to The Hollywood Repoter, Apple obtained the rights to this story through the A24 studio, with which it is actively collaborating, and paid 10 million dollars to incorporate this production into the new exclusive releases of Apple TV+.

Exactly 10 years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPad
Exactly 10 years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPad

News for Apple TV+ users

As a further development of the apple company, it was revealed in recent days that Apple had taken one of Netflix’s top engineers to its company to form a technical team that could support Apple TV+ and other related services. Executive Ruslan Meshenberg helped build Netflix’s platform and participated in key initiatives to create faster, more consistent service for viewers, and now Apple is looking to transfer all that same knowledge that once made Netflix great, to its own company, in order to climb even higher within the ranks of film and series production companies that exists in the global marketplace.


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