The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip teaches more functions through a recent leak

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip teaches more functions through a recent leak
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip teaches more functions through a recent leak

The Samsung Galaxy S20, of which several models are expected, will not stand alone on the stage on which their manufacturer will present them next February 11th, Another device is uploaded to the platform, the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold that he did the same thing last year and that he should be given the name if the previous leaks are correct from Samsung Galaxy Z Flip,

A strange name that seems to respond to the way Samsung’s future phone will fold its screen. So far, not much information about its properties has leaked, although the puzzle is nearing completion. But A new leak has exposed the supposed data (They won’t be official until the brand approves them) of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Four rear-view cameras and 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED

According to Ishan Agarwal, a filter that is becoming increasingly popular in the technology market, the future Samsung Galaxy Z Flip would have a screen from 6.7 inch Dynamic AMOLED, although it is not specified whether this is the size of the front after the device has been folded or the total size with the screen displayed. Remember it The fold was 7.3 inches the folded one showed us a 4.6 inch face.

The battery of the Galaxy Z Flip would be 3,300 mAh or 3,500 mAhAgarwal itself offers two options due to the inaccuracy of its own memory, and would come with Android 10 in addition to OneUI 2.1, which runs above. This Z Flip would also have 256 GB and 10 megapixels of internal memory for a single front camera.

As for the rear view camera, Agarwal watered down a rumor that was circulating about the Galaxy Z Flip and its 108 megapixel camera, according to the sensor that Samsung had introduced a long time ago and that, for example, is on board the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 the Galaxy Z Flip arrive Only with 12 megapixels as the main sensor, although there are other indications: the device seems to be identical to the Samsung Galaxy S20 + that was filtered before.

If this were true we would find 12 megapixels another sensor as the main sensor 64 megapixels and another one of 12 megapixels and additional space for a 3D TOF sensor for depth measurements and face recognition. Who knows, maybe also for air gestures. We’ll see what will be revealed when the phone is launched on February 11th, but right now it’s the best X-ray of what’s coming.


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