This year BMW will integrate Android Auto Wireless

This year BMW will integrate Android Auto Wireless
This year BMW will integrate Android Auto Wireless

BMW is never far behind. This year 2020 will integrate the Android Auto Wireless system in their cars, which is nothing more than Google’s commitment to offer an alternative to the one offered by Apple with its Apple CarPlay system, with a customized interface that gives us the possibility to control several functions.

Android Auto has been running since 2014 and is currently available for over 400 car models. But now the German firm BMW has just announced that it will also implement the Google solution in its vehicles, and what is even better: that the connection with the phone will be made wirelessly.

Not all people use iOS, and it was about time that the big brands were also interested in the Android system.

Android Auto from July 2020 and wireless

In an official statement, the BMW Group has announced the introduction of Android Auto in their vehicles from mid-2020. This will make it easier and safer for users to access music, messaging applications and other services, including, of course, the Google Assistant.

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The German giant has also confirmed that the connection to the system will be wireless, obviously as long as the user’s phone is compatible with the wireless Android Auto system. But for now, this facility will only be available in some countries.

The information provided by the system will appear on the central control screen, as well as on the information screen of the instrument panel and on the Head Up Display of BMW vehicles equipped with these tools.

Android Auto will be integrated directly into BMW’s digital cockpit, which means that customers will be able to see all the important information not only on the central control screen, but also on the dashboard information screen and the HEAD up display of new BMW models.

For those interested, Android Auto will be available in 20 countries from July this year for all vehicles with the BMW 7.0 operating system.


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