Twitch begins to notice the effects of his streaming war and loses hours watched and aired

Twitch begins to notice the effects of his streaming war and loses hours watched and aired
Twitch begins to notice the effects of his streaming war and loses hours watched and aired

Twitch have been involved in streaming wars for quite some time now. But this time it’s not streaming of movies, series or music, but of live videogame broadcasting. It is not a new field, because we have been putting a lot of resources in growing for years with several platforms. However, what has changed recently is that the different actors have begun a bloody fight to take the different streamers on his side.

And Twitch, who managed to bring 73% of the total hours of streaming visits ahead of its competitors in 2019, notices how some of its former stars have left the platform. The number of hours worked by platform users fell 9.8% between the third quarter of 2019 and the fourth quarter, These are figures from the annual report of stream Labs,

Twitch grew in number of hours in 2019, but the trend is negative

Twitch total hours watched
Twitch total hours watched

The report highlights various aspects of Twitch and the video game streaming market in general. Overall, the platform did better than in 2018 because In three of its four quarters, it has reached the record hour of its users, The trend of course changed in the fourth quarter of the year, when the above-mentioned hourly decline was somewhat stronger than the figures for the third quarter of 2019.

If we look at the number of hours retransmitted by streamers, The global year 2019 is even better, but the decline compared to the record quarter is stronger, since it has only decreased since the beginning of 2019, The numbers are in contrast to YouTube Gaming, which still has a much smaller market share than Twitch, but has seen dramatic growth of 34% in the last quarter.

With signatures like Ninja and Shroud, Mixer is another platform that has set its own record over the year With a growth of 22.9 million hours at the beginning of 2018 to 82.5 hours in the last quarter. However, the end of the year also led to a decrease in the number of hours viewed and spent, the record numbers of which were recorded in the second and third quarters.

In the end, it’s still a growing market, and So far, all platforms can boast of more than double-digit growth, In addition, it is possible that everything can be done with a good piece of cake if the zodiac signs continue to differ between the platforms. Twitch’s share is still over 70% right now, and the relevant thing seems to be that it won’t be possible to become YouTube for video game streaming, but that there will be more competition that is always healthy.


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